Indian Supperclubs & Events with family recipes that go back four generations

When I moved to the UK in 1991, as the good wife of a  Cambridge scholar, I could not even boil an egg. I spent my first two years in the UK eating salad and my husband’s chicken curry. I soon realised that this state was not a life worth living!

In 1993 I travelled back to India to spend time in my ancestral kitchens and, over the course of a few months, mastered recipes that have been in my family for four generations. The food comes straight out of the Nawabi/Mughal school of cuisine which is part of my heritage. Since that day, I decided to turn my new skill into a life of working 24/7, swapping my brocade kurtas for kitchen whites.

To see the menu of some of my previous supperclubs Click here . The food I cook is essentially Mughlai food and in specific I cook the food of of two cities- Calcutta in the East and Hyderabad in the South here are some of the dishes I cook.

Asma Khan